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When news just isn’t

Few things are guaranteed to rile me more than the sanctimonious claim by a news outlet (print or broadcast, but it tends to be mainly newspapers) that it’s there “to serve the community”. To “cater to public interest”. Or, even … Continue reading

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From ‘villain’ to victim – Campbell shows the way

Back in the 80s, when press releases were sent by telex and ‘cc’ literally meant ‘carbon copy’ I was a wet-behind-the-ears junior account assistant at Spectrum, at that time a leading southern African PR consultancy headed by industry doyen George Foot. … Continue reading

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Global scrutiny – can you hack it?

Cries of surprise and outrage about the “disrespectful” questions being asked by international journalists in the wake of the Pike River mining tragedy and the [shock, horror, gasp] “aggressive” questioning of those in charge of the rescue operation indicate some … Continue reading

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Turning hacks into flacks

Can ex-journalists make good PR types?  Well, I know they can. But only if they’re able to operate outside the media bubble so many of them have drifted around in for so long. Michelle Boag recently wrote about a current trend … Continue reading

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