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Showdown in the Basin

Who knew? Be warned: if you want to photograph anyone in front of Heritage New Zealand’s Kemp House you must first seek the permission of the property manager. This despite the fact that the building sits front and centre of … Continue reading

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“Apartheid” message misses the mark

Every now and then local government throws up a political race that’s far more meaningful, far more entertaining to watch than the national version. That’s happening right now in New Zealand’s Northland. If you’re not from New Zealand, or if … Continue reading

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There’s a creaking and a rumbling up north

Real plans to expand an oil refinery and an electricity network. Realised plans to turn Whangarei into this country’s first fully UFB-enabled city. Ambitious plans to create a $125 million data centre. Rumoured plans to lobby for a deepwater port … Continue reading

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Podium people

I’ve taken part in, and eavesdropped on, several wonderful discussions recently about whether Aussie PM Julia Gillard is a nasty person because she didn’t show much emotion about the Queensland floods in front of the cameras, and whether Queensland premier … Continue reading

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A patriotic probe?

Most rallying cries revolve around some spontaneous heartfelt outburst or, by contrast, carefully chosen prose. For either to be effective it must capture the imagination and establish a connection with the cause. So where does “don’t touch my junk!” stand in the epoch-making … Continue reading

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Collins and Co need a fresh approach

NZ Police and their Minister Judith Collins have now had a peek of the international press pack in action and they don’t like it. They won’t be able to change it, though. Unless of course they want to go the way of … Continue reading

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Global scrutiny – can you hack it?

Cries of surprise and outrage about the “disrespectful” questions being asked by international journalists in the wake of the Pike River mining tragedy and the [shock, horror, gasp] “aggressive” questioning of those in charge of the rescue operation indicate some … Continue reading

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Whither brevity?

You’d think the Twitter age, when the summation of universal truths must be compressed into 140 characters, might just signal a reduction in bureaucracy and complexity.    Seems not.  Canadian ‘think tanker’ David Brooks complains in a recent issue of the New … Continue reading

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