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Snatching delight from the jaws of disappointment

It’s a skill and an art, this PR business. And it’s often found in some of the unlikeliest and most unlovely locations. In my case this week it was in the darkened confines of an optometrist’s vision-testing room. I’ve got … Continue reading

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The perils of a good rorting

Greed is never a good look. Unless, of course, you subscribe to the Gordon Gekko view of life. But there is, I’ll concede, a very fine line between greed and – what shall we call it? – ‘maximising revenue’. This … Continue reading

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Are you listening?

I’m irked by how frequently the term public relations is used to mean publicity and associated with profile-raising antics designed solely for headline impact. This week the New Zealand Herald carried a piece about an Auckland property for sale, belonging … Continue reading

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Twitter roared

How often have you heard Twitter described as a self-indulgent fad used only by shallow, insecure and vacuous types to broadcast the inanities of their little lives… or some such? How many times have clients or employers stared at you blankly as … Continue reading

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“Why do they hate us?”

Enjoyed an interesting blog-based discussion with an industry colleague this week – he fears the current recession may be accelerating consumer intolerance, causing a rise in business-bashing and an undue media focus on relatively trivial stories. He points to coverage … Continue reading

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Weak action over ‘Crashgate’ leaves F1 in the pits

Sport is big business. Think athletics, World Series cricket, the US National Football League and English Premier League football. Even the Olympic Games. The scale and nature of global investment in sport and sporting brands differs little from the world … Continue reading

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