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Global scrutiny – can you hack it?

Cries of surprise and outrage about the “disrespectful” questions being asked by international journalists in the wake of the Pike River mining tragedy and the [shock, horror, gasp] “aggressive” questioning of those in charge of the rescue operation indicate some … Continue reading

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Snatching delight from the jaws of disappointment

It’s a skill and an art, this PR business. And it’s often found in some of the unlikeliest and most unlovely locations. In my case this week it was in the darkened confines of an optometrist’s vision-testing room. I’ve got … Continue reading

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The perils of a good rorting

Greed is never a good look. Unless, of course, you subscribe to the Gordon Gekko view of life. But there is, I’ll concede, a very fine line between greed and – what shall we call it? – ‘maximising revenue’. This … Continue reading

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Are you listening?

I’m irked by how frequently the term public relations is used to mean publicity and associated with profile-raising antics designed solely for headline impact. This week the New Zealand Herald carried a piece about an Auckland property for sale, belonging … Continue reading

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Dog throws bone at Hubbard

Old Mother Hubbard Went to the cupboard, To give the poor dog a bone: When she came there, The cupboard was bare, And so the poor dog had none. So goes the old nursery rhyme.  Couldn’t really get more apposite … Continue reading

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Advertising value: meaningless, misused and misleading

A man I know was recently up in front of his Board.  Along with all the divisional managers of the business, this PR guru had been asked to report on the value to the organisation of his team’s activities over … Continue reading

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Whither brevity?

You’d think the Twitter age, when the summation of universal truths must be compressed into 140 characters, might just signal a reduction in bureaucracy and complexity.    Seems not.  Canadian ‘think tanker’ David Brooks complains in a recent issue of the New … Continue reading

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The eyes have it

Many organisations spend huge amounts of time, effort and PR budget generating relationships with key stakeholders. But it’s amazing how frequently the smallest details can undo years of effort. Take for example ‘the roving eye.’ You know what I mean. The … Continue reading

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Lessons from the rugby field

Crouch, touch, pause… ENGAGE!  For anyone not familiar with Rugby Union (I know, I know – but it’s the worldwide web) this is the four-stage procedure used to ensure that the delicate dance known as the scrum is started safely … Continue reading

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Respect starts at home

What is it about public relations that means everyone is an expert? Go into any organisation and I bet you won’t find executives over-riding the lawyers or the accountants. But all bets are off when it comes to the public … Continue reading

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