Using tablets to give good head

I hate Powerpoint. Actually, I hate Powerpoint presentations. You know – those dry, soulless experiences where presenters drag themselves up onto their hind legs and read to you – verbatim – the words that appear on the screens behind them. Just give me the slides and let me go home, already, where at least I can digest them in comfort!

For this reason I tend to prefer Prezi for ‘remote’ presentations. And, when I present in person, I tend to do so the old-fashioned way. Talking to my audience. Engaging with them through that wonderful thing – eye contact. You can learn so much that way!

The same holds true for the media training course we run here at TextWrite. Called ‘6 of one…’, this course focuses on balance (as the saying, from which the name is taken, implies).

The need for a bit of ‘give’ on the part of the interviewee (delivering to the journalist the essential stuff of a great interview) as well as ‘take’ (the interviewee’s reason for doing the interview).

We teach interviewees how to give good head. Talking head, that is.

In short, we teach interviewees how to give good head. Talking head, that is. The art of delivering an interview that has journalists coming back to you time and time again because all of a sudden they’ve discovered a preferred source.

It’s a hugely successful course and we’ve been running it for yonks. But I’ve always resisted the Powerpoint thing. And participants have always walked away with a set of printed course notes.

But now, thanks to those smart folks at Samsung, it’s all go at the monkey show. The old print-outs are gone and our ‘6 of one…’ world is now completely revolutionised. On tablet.

Everything’s now on these cool little things; course notes, examples of good and bad practice, scenarios, feedback forms – the works. Each course participant (we take a maximum of six people per course) gets one of these little jobbies (temporarily, of course!) and while the delivery remains unchanged, courtesy of Yours Truly, everything our guests need during the day is accessed through their personal tablets.

Progress. It’s a wonderful thing.


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