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Collins and Co need a fresh approach

NZ Police and their Minister Judith Collins have now had a peek of the international press pack in action and they don’t like it. They won’t be able to change it, though. Unless of course they want to go the way of … Continue reading

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Just sayin’….

When the English Parliament enshrined Freedom of Speech in the 1689 Bill of Rights, it did so to ensure that all shades of political opinion were given voice. In 1791 the First Amendment to the US Constitution did the same. … Continue reading

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The Art of Apology

OK, so I’m on record as saying that apologies are over-used in PR.  That they’re too frequently the staple recommendation of spineless ‘tofu traders’. And that, as a result, the exercise of public apology is becoming hollow and (literally) incredible. … Continue reading

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Shooting the Messenger – the Free Tibet Campaign gets it spectacularly wrong

The Free Tibet Campaign’s recent threat to agitate against any PR consultancy that chooses to work for the Chinese government was a PR own-goal, and arguably not its only one this year. By threatening to bring to bear the wrath … Continue reading

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Porkies and Profits

When will business learn that nice companies don’t tell porkies? When those porkies start impacting profits, perhaps? A consumer activist claims that Nike’s press releases and literature dealing with working conditions at its factories in Vietnam, China and Indonesia are misleading. … Continue reading

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