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Are you listening?

I’m irked by how frequently the term public relations is used to mean publicity and associated with profile-raising antics designed solely for headline impact. This week the New Zealand Herald carried a piece about an Auckland property for sale, belonging … Continue reading

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When silence just isn’t golden

Social policy advocates Professors Horst Rittel and Melvin Webber coined the concept of ‘wicked problems’. They did this to help leaders and policy-makers distinguish between one-dimensional challenges and others with complex, inter-related causes and particularly devastating effects.  The fact that … Continue reading

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The eyes have it

Many organisations spend huge amounts of time, effort and PR budget generating relationships with key stakeholders. But it’s amazing how frequently the smallest details can undo years of effort. Take for example ‘the roving eye.’ You know what I mean. The … Continue reading

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What happened to the Politics of Conviction?

Poor old Gordon Brown. The British PM isn’t the most riveting personality on the global political stage but he’s unwittingly enlivened an otherwise turgid British election campaign. I’m referring, of course, to his now-infamous comment that a 65 year-old woman he’d … Continue reading

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Marlborough Sounds debate highlights the ‘Context Trap’

For corporate communication to be effective it really needs to appeal to the heart as well as to the head. Too frequently this is forgotten and the result is an uninspiring and losing performance.
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