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Talking science

Watched last week’s Media7 special on science and the media with mounting frustration as Russell introduced expert after expert to discuss the challenges involved in communicating science through the media. He and his researchers seemed to cover every part of … Continue reading

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“Why do they hate us?”

Enjoyed an interesting blog-based discussion with an industry colleague this week – he fears the current recession may be accelerating consumer intolerance, causing a rise in business-bashing and an undue media focus on relatively trivial stories. He points to coverage … Continue reading

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When silence just isn’t golden

Social policy advocates Professors Horst Rittel and Melvin Webber coined the concept of ‘wicked problems’. They did this to help leaders and policy-makers distinguish between one-dimensional challenges and others with complex, inter-related causes and particularly devastating effects.  The fact that … Continue reading

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Turning hacks into flacks

Can ex-journalists make good PR types?  Well, I know they can. But only if they’re able to operate outside the media bubble so many of them have drifted around in for so long. Michelle Boag recently wrote about a current trend … Continue reading

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Lessons from the rugby field

Crouch, touch, pause… ENGAGE!  For anyone not familiar with Rugby Union (I know, I know – but it’s the worldwide web) this is the four-stage procedure used to ensure that the delicate dance known as the scrum is started safely … Continue reading

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What happened to the Politics of Conviction?

Poor old Gordon Brown. The British PM isn’t the most riveting personality on the global political stage but he’s unwittingly enlivened an otherwise turgid British election campaign. I’m referring, of course, to his now-infamous comment that a 65 year-old woman he’d … Continue reading

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