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A geek, a Claims Manager and a PR man walk into a bar…

Two business trends are merging like ocean currents to create a rip-curl of opportunity for those of us prepared to grab our boards and go surfing. The first is the recognition by insurers, underwriters and loss adjusters that effective communication … Continue reading

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There’s a creaking and a rumbling up north

Real plans to expand an oil refinery and an electricity network. Realised plans to turn Whangarei into this country’s first fully UFB-enabled city. Ambitious plans to create a $125 million data centre. Rumoured plans to lobby for a deepwater port … Continue reading

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Talking science

Watched last week’s Media7 special on science and the media with mounting frustration as Russell introduced expert after expert to discuss the challenges involved in communicating science through the media. He and his researchers seemed to cover every part of … Continue reading

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Marlborough Sounds debate highlights the ‘Context Trap’

For corporate communication to be effective it really needs to appeal to the heart as well as to the head. Too frequently this is forgotten and the result is an uninspiring and losing performance.
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